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A surprise codicil of her late father’s will leaves Toni MacDonnell bewildered and angry. The possibility of losing everything she loves, her cattle station home in the red desert of central Australia, to some rich man’s company, is real, and frightening.

Newcomer Callum Parker has hit town, intent on delivering his family company’s newest acquisition, a little jewel in central Australia, MacDonnell’s Run. But he’s up against a stubborn and worried Toni fighting for her home and her life—he tries whatever it takes to get what he wants.

Does Toni fight her father’s dying wishes, holding her brothers to ransom over it? When Callum

Parker plays his final hand, does she follow her heart—and not her head—to find the right way home?

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Troubled marine biologist Jed Deveraux and his team of citizen scientists, Australis Island Dolphin Watch, are head-to-head with a bunch of mainland researchers who should be on the same side.


If they can’t agree on how to protect their precious sea life and ocean, how can they face the real enemy, Pete Balfour from Contour Oil? If his company’s proposal for oil drilling goes ahead, sure destruction of marine life habitat will occur, wiping out the pristine oasis of Australis Island’s waters.


Meanwhile, researcher Roxie is tired of her boss’s wandering hands; Rob wants to hide his face from the world; Leonie wants to protect her traumatised daughter, Angie, from more emotional harm. And desire always plays its part, even when horns are locked in battle.


Will a pod of beached dolphins help Angie find her voice? Can Jed control his temper long enough to make a difference for his island? And is Roxie a traitor to the cause?

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Extra! Extra!


Some Australis Island old favourites return, revamped and reworked.

New Australis Island stories are coming, and a change of genre is in the mix, too

Watch this space!

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