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Only another day or so to wait...

For once, I’m glad the weather is clear, and the sky bright. The cart ride home will be easier for them.

Before the searing of the coming summer, I hope for late spring rain, even though it can also bring flood. But rain now would make the track boggy, and do nothing for tempers already frayed.

I long also for the peace I thought I’d found here. It seems long gone. I’m tired. But he will make a difference, he will share the load, perhaps carry it. He must want to, if he is coming home now.

And then there are the two girls. Not sisters, not close. Hard work, each of them. They tire me, too...

Quarrelling girls, an absent son, a distant husband.

My house was once my sanctuary, and the river a peaceful place to contemplate life and longing. But now, the house needs new life, new energy to pick it up again. And the river just seems to mock me as it goes about its business.

I know I'm tired, but only another day or so to wait. I know that change is coming.

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