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Digital only copy

Word document 

Pages double-line spaced 

Times New Roman 12pt

3cm margins (or similar)


Fees in $AUD

Up to 5,000 words

    Approx 10 pages



5,001 - 10,000 words

Approx 20 pages 



10,001 - 15,000 words - Approx 30 pages


The Write Word

You’ve made it this're serious about your craft. 

Entrusting your work to someone else and seeking to

improve your skills is part of a writer’s journey!

Using your work, I show where you could improve readability and technique - so I won't be changing your author ‘voice’, and I won't be re-writing for you. Any comments made are in the spirit of helping you improve your work. 

What will I do?

  • Where reasonable, I will correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and

  • make comment on e.g. overuse of words / phrases, highlight areas that might need further attention, and make suggestions for you to consider as alternatives.

  • I use ‘Track changes’ and return your document with the mark-ups and comments, and more.

How long will it take?

  • From the time of commencement, allow a week to two weeks, but this depends on the current bookings. I will advise a time-frame.


  • Payment is to be made in full via EFT or Paypal prior to work commencing. A tax invoice/ receipt will be issued once the payment has landed in my bank account.

  • I am not a manuscript assessor, nor an agent. I cannot refer you to publishers or agents.

  • I reserve the right to decline to edit work if I feel it is beyond the scope I offer, or is inappropriate for me.

Multi-published, I have been writing professionally for over ten years. My qualification is that I had to learn all this the long, hard way from others before me, and by having an editor at points over the years myself. 

Please email me your Word document at and we'll go from there! 

Jackie C says - 'I've had others go over my pages and no -one has picked up what you have! Thank you.'

Suzi P says - 'I thought I had a good grip, but you've given me some beaut ways to improve what I do.'

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