Never. Never Give up.

December 21, 2015



I always thought I'd see the day... one day. I thought I'd realise my dream. One day. 


One day was always another day and far off.  One day, when the time was right, and when I made time, or when I could set aside some 'me' time, or when I'd luck upon a long holiday after a lotto win, I'd see the day.


I never set aside the time to just do it. It came in chunks of time snatched here and there, jealously guarded and then shelved and hidden away until I could get back to it.


And now it's here. Wow! Now it's here without a long holiday, or a lotto win...


I am stunned.


And how many years did it take? Not just to write it (forever), but to show it to someone (forever), to let another take a red pen to it (eeeek - forever), and yet another to assess it (Aaargh - I hid away until the report came back)... It took years. And years.


I never gave up, but it's been a long road to here. 


This is a vastly different story to my previously e-published, contemporary stories. It will be a **trade paperback, print published, C format** novel!!


Wow! 100,000 words plus of Australian historical fiction, set in a place close to my heart, and on a river which needs our help. The story and I have a long history, and I admit, I am in love with the characters all over again. One day (there it is again) I'll let you in on how long it took me to get to this magical point.


I am so grateful that the people to whom I was finally brave enough to ask to read it, and assess it, found some merit in it, for without them I would never have pitched the story this year to a publisher. Thank you.


And to those people still waiting for The Call: Never Give Up.












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