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Love, and dogs

December 2016 is not quite over yet. It's been a year of amazing things, of personal loss, of celebrity loss, and of other awful things, but also of wonderful things and memories.

We lost our dear Mum earlier this month, and emotions are still a little numb, chests are heavy, or hollow, and tears haven't fully flowed. They might not.

The Wonder Dog used to visit his grandma in her care home. She loved it. When she still could, she would introduce him to her friends: 'this is Hamish, my grand-dog.'

He loved visiting; he got to spend time with all the other grandmas and grandpas as well, get the pats and the chats, and be able to hoover up under the dinner table.

When we're a little more together, maybe next month, the Wonder Dog and I will go and visit again. He seemed to know who liked to pat and chat, and who'd rather pat a cat.

He knows his grandma's no longer there, but the other folk would be missing this gem of a dog, as we miss them.

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