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Calm weather ahead …

Though not, I imagine by the time I arrive at the homestead. No doubt my name is mud, if spoken at all.

Laughable. All’s fair in this rough and tumble world. The man was a damned fool, besides.


Great pity about the new boat though - damned if I let that other business distract me. Won’t happen again…


Ha! Have to say it was worth it, after all. A man can always buy another boat, but the opportunity to acquire something far more precious proved too tempting…


Good thing this journey is nearly done - the freight is offloaded, the men paid. And refurbishing the new property will not be difficult. Might have a fight on my hands with the old boy, but nothing that can’t be put right.


And by the time I return hereabouts, a few bumps in the proverbial road will be nought but a distant memory.


I got what I wanted, twofold. Nothing can stop me now.

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