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My day today …



A glorious day, scented with a peppery hint of summer. The ground, baked hard, is hot beneath me. I lay looking up at a shimmering sky softened by the Jacaranda's mauve bloom, the namesake tree of my uncle’s property.


In England, long ago, I had wished to own a gown in that gorgeous shade. Now here, in a dry and beloved land, I have no such wish any longer; those days of gowns and of balls are long behind me. And I'm glad.

I wonder at the precious soft bloom of the tree, its hardy trunk and elegant branches... How it came to be living on the banks of my wide and beautiful roaming river. Perhaps it was brought here by others, like me, who believed it would be for a better life.

A breeze, fragrant with eucalyptus, charms my otherwise soured mood. My step-cousin has just told me her brother returns in the next few weeks.


My goodness me.  I do hope he’s not a blasted fool like others of his kin.

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